4 thoughts on “Opt In For Plastic

  1. Doug Pearson

    Yes, Andy- More paper bags need to be used or as I try to do
    Take the receipt , the item and put them in my large
    Pocket pants or sweater. Always paper when I can.
    Because of your article- I am going to stash a bunch
    Of paper bags in my car!

  2. Kelly Sorg

    Way to go Tix Family!!!
    We do the same when it comes to bags & opt-out when small amount of items can be easily carried out of the store.

    Interestingly enough I saw a story done by KARE-11, I think last week, that gave good support to the fact that paper bags use MORE resources than plastic. Environmentally, they are eventually compostable, but they use a lot of natural resources and time to make, where single-use plastic is very cheaply & quickly made.

    KARE-11 sources advice: use canvas or reusable, woven plastic bags & if you use single-use plastic return them to grocery stores for recycling. Amazingly, there are many people who do not know that the single-use plastic bag can not go in the recycling bin that is put out at curbside to be picked up. A spokesperson from a recycling center said these bags clog up their machines which costs time & money as then the machines have to be shut down for repair.


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