What If It Was Alright Now?

“So here is my little nugget of gospel truth for you to take home. The truth is not that it is going to be alright. The truth is, it already is.” (Fredric Evans)

I’ve been chewing on this quote for the past week, and I’m still now sure what I think about it.

Of course, we need hope that this global pandemic, too, shall pass. And it eventually will. And we have responsibilities for making this happen and preventing as much suffering as possible by staying home, staying connected with each other, and caring for those in need.

But, on the other hand, from the perspective of my Christian faith, there is something deeply profound about realizing that, below the surface, some really important things are already settled. Some things are alright now and no matter what may come.

As we practice social distancing, it’s a perfect time for you to comment below and engage in some virtual discussion.

What, for you, is “alright” now and no matter what may come? How have you been able to connect with deeper truths and greater peace in the midst of this storm? Do you have a faith perspective, and has that helped” If so, how? What are you doing to connect with a deeper and more peaceful perspective intentionally in your daily life?


3 thoughts on “What If It Was Alright Now?

  1. Rick Rawson

    Dallas Willard put it this way: “The world is a perfectly good and safe place to be.” Most people, including me, respond to such a claim with “Huh?” But, how can we read passages like Ps 23 or Col 1 and not respond to his claim with, “Well, duh! Of course!”

    1. Andy Post author

      Thanks Rick! It can be hard to realize this, but there is tremendous peace and comfort in this realization. Hope all is well with you and yours. Take care, Andy

  2. Robert Jones

    Things will “be best” in Heaven. For now we can employ our emotions as a compass. See “the change triangle” as described by Hilary Jacobs Hendel, and well described in her book “Its not always Depression.”


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