Memories of Mystery and Awe (2)

The two most significant experiences of mystery and awe in my life have been the creation of my two daughters, Ellie and Annika. It is truly beyond my comprehension how an act of love between my wife and I could lead to the development of two beautiful souls such as this. Although the second was amazing as well, there is something unique about the first. Below are reflections from my myself and my wife shortly after Ellie’s birth.


Andy’s reflection:

“Sharing the labor experience was the highlight of my life thus far. I’ve never felt as connected and unified in purpose with anyone before. It was scary to watch Amy experience as much pain as she did, but I knew my role was to set that aside and do all I could to help her get through it. We had some amazingly tender moments during the process (and one notable not-so-tender moment!). I remember reminiscing with Amy about some of the highlights of our life together. . . to help get her mind off the pain. It really felt like a transition point – between life as a couple and life as a family. Then, finally, Amy pushed Ellie into the world, and in the midst of shock and awe, all felt right in the world.”

Amy’s reflection:

“Labor and delivery were the most difficult things I have ever done. Labor started with painful backaches and I wondered how I would make it. Unfortunately, transition contractions became so painful I didn’t think I would make it – I didn’t want to ever have another baby! Pushing felt better, but after an hour, I was delerious and shaking all over. I was so afraid I couldn’t get her out! Finally, she appeared (we saw her hair first), and after the head was out. She slid out easily. They put her on my chest and I couldn’t believe her – she was so amazing and beautiful! Labor was so horrible and amazing at the same time! Without sleep, we couldn’t stop staring at our little miracle. She was here and I was never so happy, excited, scared, exhausted, and awestruck!”

Do these memories of childbirth trigger any memories of mystery and awe for you? This site will be much richer if we hear from you. Feel free to comment below or, if you’d ever want to share your memory in greater depth by being a guest contributor to this blog, please e-mail me at


1 thought on “Memories of Mystery and Awe (2)

  1. Oby Ballinger

    What a gift to read your reflections! I can’t imagine what childbirth must be like, but thank you for taking the risk and time to share these thoughts. Grateful for both of you!


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